What Should You Do (FIRST) After an Earthquake?

Surviving an earthquake
Surviving an earthquake

The next big earthquake can happen any time and if a big one strikes in your area, the first four things you should do after the shaking stops are:
a. Check for injuries *Do this first*
b. Check for fires
c. Check for gas leaks
d. Check for water leaks
Once you are confident you’re not injured or under any immediate danger from debris, you’ll want to look for fire first, followed by gas leaks and water leaks. If you can hear or see any water or gas leaking where it shouldn’t be, find your main water and/or gas line valves and shut them off.

If you don’t know where your water and gas shut off valves are now, don’t wait for an emergency to go searching for them.

Be sure to locate your main water and gas shut-off valves. Show the family where they are as well and make a mental note.