What You Need to Know About Dems Plan to Hijack the Election System

What You Need to Know About Dems Plan to Hijack the Election System

(UnitedVoice.com) – In 2020, states across America quickly and radically changed election laws, or in some instances, governors and unelected officials made decisions despite election law. The stated reason was to make voting easier and safer during a pandemic. However, after the election, tens of millions of Americans are suspicious of the results. Despite that, Democrats intend to upend the Constitution and centuries of election law in what can only be described as a hostile takeover of the electoral system.

Democrats say House Resolution 1, known as the “For The People Act,” will improve voting rights, end voter suppression, and prohibit gerrymandering. However, is that truly its aim? Instead, it appears to be a hostile takeover of the election system designed to help Democrats win elections and seize power for decades to come.

Federal Takeover of Elections

How to run an election is not mentioned in the US Constitution. In fact, according to the 10th Amendment, that’s why each state runs its own. The first problem in the “For The People Act” is the erroneous claim that Congress has “ultimate supervisory power over federal elections.” It does not.

Second, the bill mandates that states register individuals to vote if they are in a state or federal database. If a person receives food stamps, is on Medicare or Medicaid, or obtains a state ID of any kind, they would be registered to vote — whether they want to be or not. In addition, the bill mandates same-day election and online voter registration. It also limits states’ abilities to remove voters from election databases.

Third, it wants to federalize and standardize all elections. It will create and reinforce policies that led to the distrust of the 2020 election. It would allow for ballot harvesting, a practice where partisans help voters fill out their voting forms and carry them to elected officials. In most states, it’s illegal for a good reason. It opens the door to coercion, manipulation and strips people of their privacy.

In 2020, there were numerous issues with mail-in voting. The post office couldn’t keep up with the volume of mail. Ballots in Republican-strong areas were held up or trashed by postal employees, and thousands of cases of voter fraud were reported. Regardless, HR 1 expands mail-in voting.

Finally, the bill seeks to thwart state legislatures by prohibiting them from drawing congressional districts. Instead, it imposes upon each state a commission packed with partisans who historically favor Democrats.

What’s Good in the Bill?

In short, nothing in this bill is useful or salvageable. There are no prohibitions to stop partisan campaign workers from going door-to-door, collecting thousands of ballots, and throwing them in the mail. There’s no election security or integrity to ensure ballots are not tampered with or discarded. Worse still, it violates and strips states of their rights according to Article X of the US Constitution.

Consider this, what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. Even Amazon is fighting against the principles in this legislation. The company is currently trying to block voting by mail in a unionization election. They want in-person voting only. If it’s good for the government, why isn’t it good for Amazon?

So, what’s behind this law?

It benefits Democrats. It’s that simple. What Democrats are signaling is that the country needs more corruption to unite the nation.

Let’s hope enough Democrats with good sense exist in the House to push back and defeat this senseless, destructive bill. Otherwise, sensible Republicans will exercise options to protect states’ rights and voting rights.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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