What’s at Stake in Tuesday’s Election

What's at Stake in Tuesday's Election

(UnitedVoice.com) – In 2010, President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) on a 100% party-line vote. Not one Republican voted for the bill in either chamber of Congress. When pressed on the outcome, the former president said, “Elections have consequences.”

On Tuesday, November 3, America will participate in its four-year obligation to elect a president. There is a tremendous amount at stake. On the ballot are issues of life, national security, freedom of religion, and truth.

The contrasts couldn’t be starker, nor could the consequences.

2020 Is Not a Normal Election

Nothing about 2020 is normal. The traditional campaign issues that make campaigns boring to millions of voters are nowhere in sight this year. It seems there’s a little motivation for everyone to vote this time around. From COVID-19 to coup attempts to allegations of a pay for play scheme, it’s a crazy time for voters to keep all of the issues straight.

So, what should Americans keep in mind when casting a ballot this time around?

COVID-19 and Loss of Constitutional Rights

COVID-19 and state-induced shutdowns of businesses and lockdowns from March through June destroyed much of the US economy. Millions of Americans are without jobs, and the only thing holding the economy together right now may be the federal government.

Governors, and some local officials, stripped constitutional rights from their constituents. Freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and the God-given right to work were taken away during the lockdowns. America witnessed a double-standard by Democratic governors who marched arm-in-arm with social justice protestors while condemning those who protested about their livelihoods being ruined.

In some states, people can shop freely but still can’t go to church despite the Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of religion and assembly.

Russian Hoax

Despite the continuing allegations and media harassment surrounding the Russian collusion hoax, seemingly nothing has been able to separate Donald Trump from his voter base. No allegations the media or political opponents have slung the president’s way have stuck. His voters have remained steadfast.

It just didn’t work.

Yet during the presidential debate on October 22, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden alleged his potential indiscretions were Russian disinformation being used as a deflection. Except this time, the “supposed” Russian disinformation doesn’t involve Trump. It involves his family’s pay to play scandal. There is a legitimate case to be made for his corruption. There’s a laptop, verifiable emails, and a former CEO of his son’s company talking about the unfolding scandal he was in the middle of during Biden’s time as vice president.

After all the media and Democrats put the country through for three years, they are now covering for Biden. The Russian collusion hoax was much more than a conspiracy theory to rid the country of President Trump. It was a coup attempt by senior members of the FBI, intelligence agencies, and the media. All they did was talk about Russian conspiracies and allegations. Now, the media won’t report on Biden’s allegations because they won’t verify the story.

How convenient of them.

Regulations and Taxes

Perhaps the most direct impact on Americans is the far-left agenda under a potential Biden administration. Biden has said he will reinstate many of the regulations Trump ended from the Obama/Biden administration. All told, those regulations could act as a hidden tax worth hundreds of billions of dollars placed on the backs of Americans.

Additionally, Biden has promised to work with a Democratic Congress, if elected, to revive ObamaCare, provide free college, student debt elimination, and institute wide-sweeping energy policy initiatives that could damage the economy long-term.

Conservatism Trumps the Far Left

In the wake of COVID-19, Trump may be the best-equipped candidate to rebuild the economy and the American dream. At stake are people’s hopes, dreams, and future prosperity. But that’s not all. The rise of socialism must be extinguished by creating a more fair and prosperous economy for all who want to take part in it.

By creating opportunities for everyone, we will show the American dream is alive and well.

What’s at stake?

The Constitution, the republic, and America itself.

See you at the polls!

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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