What's Really Going on with Melania Trump

What's Really Going on with Melania Trump
What's Really Going on with Melania Trump

Americans are seeing much less of FLOTUS Melania Trump, and it isn’t necessarily because she’s too busy to present herself to the public. The media is reporting that the First Lady has been surprisingly quiet and withdrawn since news broke that President Donald Trump may have had an affair with porn queen Stormy Daniels. Some are calling her sudden withdraw from the public a quiet attempt to express her anger without inciting further drama against her husband.

Key Facts

• While only a rumor at first, the FLOTUS did suspiciously arrive to the most recent State of the Union without her husband. This is characteristically unlike the couple, who almost always walk into events together. That has some suggesting that the separation may be the first sign of a marriage on the rocks.
• Melania also refused to accompany the POTUS on a recent trip to Switzerland. When asked about the reasoning behind her decision to go to Mar-a-Lago instead, she cited “scheduling and logistics issues.”
• The rumor was first initiated after the public learned that Michael Cohen, one of Trump’s top personal lawyers, initiated a payment to the adult film star in the amount of $130,000. The newspaper that originally posted the information claimed that the payment included a non-disclosure agreement which compelled her to remain quiet about the incident.
• There is evidence to show that the rumor is true. In 2011, Daniels had an interview and a polygraph, within both of which she identified visiting Trump and having sexual relations with her. Daniels’ husband and a colleague were also tested, and both confirmed the possibility of an affair.
• The adult film star stopped talking about her time with Donald Trump right around the same time as Trump’s lawyer initiated payment. This has some people calling the disbursement hush money.
• Despite current allegations, Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen has vehemently denied the affair and refuses to discuss the payment. Stormy Daniels herself is also denying the payment. “Rumors that I have received hush money from Donald Trump are completely false. If indeed I did have a relationship with Donald Trump, trust me, you wouldn’t be reading about in the news, you would be reading about it in my book. But the fact of the matter is, these stories are not true.”
• Melania’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, is calling the rumors a “laundry list of salacious and flat-out false reporting.” She also indicated that the FLOTUS’ current lack of public presence is a result of an increased focus on “her family and role as FLOTUS. Grisham closed by calling the rumors “fake news.”
• Although the alleged affair took place when Trump was officially married to Melania, adultery isn’t the only concern. Some analysts have pointed out that making such a payment in an attempt to influence the election by hiding the facts may effectively violate federal election laws.

Should Americans even be concerned about whether or not president Trump had an affair? What do you think?