When Will Liberal Mayors Learn the Mobs are Not on Their Side?

When Will Liberal Mayors Learn the Mobs are Not on Their Side?

(UnitedVoice.com) – Democrat mayors have spent months pandering to rioters. They’ve attempted to show how “woke” they are and why they’re wonderful politicians on the side of the little guy. Yet, it keeps backfiring on them with the rioters. 

The latest example is Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D). As his city burns to the ground, President Trump has sent in over 100 federal law enforcement officials to protect federal property in the city and squash the riots. Wheeler has said federal agents are not welcome in his town. On Wednesday evening, he became the obstacle to the rioter’s wrath.

Joining their protests, the rioters verbally assaulted Wheeler with vindictiveness and malice intent. They threw things, booed, heckled, and called the mayor a “fascist” — talk about irony.

They demanded that he defund the police. When he responded he would not commit to that, the rioters threatened him with vulgar language and said they were coming for his home. He was ultimately whisked away by security as the threats increased.

Wheeler was among the rioters to try and be a friend and put on a “listening session” to show solidarity with them. Like the Liberal mayors of Minneapolis, Seattle, and New York City, Wheeler may have discovered the mobs are not on his side.

Pandering to them doesn’t make them amiable. Instead, it empowers them. It makes one wonder, what are these mayors thinking, and why would they align with rioters?

Will they ever learn?

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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