Where Is the Whistleblower?

Where Is the Whistleblower?

It’s been about a month since an anonymous whistleblower denounced President Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president as violating the Constitution. Yet, there’s no sign of them in the public light or indication of their identity. For such a serious accusation being made, it’s only reasonable that this individual step forward so America has proper context about this claim.

Everyone, including Trump, is wondering exactly what happened to the whistleblower.

Shady Dems

Democrats, like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who also received insider tips about the whistleblower’s claim before it was made public, go out of their way to defend the whistleblower. Schiff stated that they’re ensuring that the individual’s case can be made without exposing their identity. Whether this is truly the case or if “shifty Schiff” is simply playing games with the president remains to be seen.

Efforts to Reveal the Truth

In response to Schiff’s statements, Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Michael McCaul (R-TX) sent Schiff a letter. The group of Representatives stated their surprise that the whistleblower will stay anonymous.

Below is a portion of this letter:

“You had earlier committed that the employee would provide ‘unfiltered’ testimony ‘very soon,’ only to reverse course following revelations that the employee had a bias against President Donald Trump and that you had received a secret, early account of the allegations… As the so-called impeachment inquiry gathers information that contradicts the employee’s allegations, we ask that you arrange for the Committees to receive public testimony from the employee and all individuals he or she relied upon in formulating the complaint.”

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) also chimed in on the matter. He believes that we can only fully understand the severity of the charge if the whistleblower steps forward. Without being able to speak with this individual in person, Burr believes that we can only gain more context of this serious situation by revealing his or her identity.

The Left’s Counter

Mark Zaid, the whistleblower’s representative, stood against Burr’s take and other sentiments regarding his client’s anonymity.

“We have been in repeated contact with both the Majority and Minority of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees and have been clear that what happens with one would happen with both in a non-partisan manner… Given the obvious security concerns associated with the whistleblower’s identity, addressing the process that has occurred, which is always important, is candidly not time-sensitive and can certainly be dealt with at a later date or through alternative means that enable the Committee to learn what is needed to accomplish its oversight authority.”

-Mark Zaid

What Zaid doesn’t understand is the role that counterintelligence must play in this case. Only by knowing who made the claim and the processes they went through, can America have a firm grasp on the impeachment proceedings. However, as history shows, Dems will continue to do everything in their power to obfuscate details surrounding the case, which includes the whistleblower’s identity.

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