Where Were the Democrats When Obama Ignored Congress?

Where Were the Democrats When Obama Ignored Congress?

In Wednesday’s impeachment hearing with four law professors, it became obvious that Democrats are, yet again, changing the narrative in search of an impeachable offense. First, the accusation was a quid pro quo, then a bribe, and now it’s morphed into abuse of power.

Three of the four law professors — invited by Democrats — made claims that Trump should be impeached. They’ve all written articles the last few years advocating for this moment. However, it’s more than just about publishing a few opinion pieces.

These people weren’t just fact-checkers talking about the Constitution; they were partisans participating in a manipulation of the public.

The single law professor invited by Republicans – Jonathan Turley – brought these words of sanity to the proceedings:

“You (Congress) are doing exactly what you’re criticizing the president of doing (abusing your power) … Impeachments require a certain period of saturation and maturation,” he said. “That is, the public has to catch up … If you rush this impeachment, you’re going to leave half the country behind.”

Because the charge of a bribe doesn’t seem to be sticking, Democrats are using the testimony of their three law professors to morph their case into an abuse of power. They’re justification: the president is “not above the law”. Never mind the fact that they can’t cite a specific law he broke that rises to the offense of impeachment.

Normally, Congress wouldn’t use law professors to create their narrative. They would invite them to a hearing to validate their narrative.

The problem is that their argument just doesn’t have merit.

Is This Really About Abuse of Power or Is It Something Else?

Congress has given up much of its authority over the last 50 years to the executive branch. Because Democrats made up their minds a long time ago to impeach a duly elected president, they’ve decided to ignore the president’s other actions and focus exclusively on his relationship with Ukraine. Dems vowed to find a way back in November 2016 and here we are today witnessing a self-fulfilled prophecy.

The problem Democrats have is that all presidents have abused their power and, to some degree, stretched the limits of their constitutional authority.

Were all of them impeached?

When questioned, Turley couldn’t come up with one previous president who couldn’t be impeached for what Trump is being impeached for by the Democrats’ standards aside from James Madison.

Where Were Democrats When Obama Ignored Congress?

This abuse is especially evident in the previous resident of the White House. President Obama may have been the worst perpetrator of ignoring Congress’ oversight in the modern era.

Where were the Democrats when Obama:

  • Intentionally withheld and blocked information from Congress over the “Fast and Furious” scandal (where guns were trafficked across the Southern border into the hands of the drug cartels)
  • Initiated domestic surveillance programs against US Citizens
  • Persecuted media figures including journalists and, in particular, conservative outlets
  • Appointed people to boards without Senate approval by concluding that, because the Senate was in recess, he could bypass them whenever it was convenient
  • Increasing regulations at an alarming rate because he couldn’t get laws passed in Congress

In the case of Fast and Furious, Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, refused to cooperate with the Republican Congress or provide documentation as the Obama Administration exerted executive privilege. As a result, for the first time in US history, a sitting member in a president’s cabinet was held in Contempt of Congress.

It’s easy to demonstrate how petty and partisan Democrats were during the Obama era. They claimed that the Republican Congress was moving too fast in their congressional oversight duties. On a party-line vote, they defended Holder and Obama.

According to today’s standards set by these Democrats, Obama should have been impeached and not defended.

Yet, that did not happen, and nor should it have. Congress has other means to deal with presidents who go beyond the scope of their power. Impeachment should be a last resort.

For too long, Congress has given away its authority. This keeps politicians from having to take hard-line positions, while they claim they accomplished something, and then get re-elected. Instead, legislators should write clear laws that say what they mean and mean what they say.

Vague laws give the executive branch the authority to create regulations, by subjective interpretation, that end up serving as the real laws.

According to the Constitution, that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

What Is This Impeachment Really About?

It’s blatantly obvious that this impeachment process is nothing more than a witch hunt based on childish notions. Hillary Clinton couldn’t beat Donald Trump in 2016 and polls in battleground states are suggesting trouble for them again. Their strategy is “if you can’t beat him, impeach him.”

They’ve been promising their liberal base they would do this since November of 2016.

This isn’t about abuse of power. How could it be after all they let Obama get away with?

It’s about payback for their embarrassing 2016 loss.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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