White House Angry After Disney Reverses Vaccine Mandate

White House Angry After Disney Reverses Vaccine Mandate

(UnitedVoice.com) – Things are not going well for President Joe Biden. His semi-socialist bill is likely to stir up more Democratic infighting now that the legislation is in the hands of moderate Senators. His approval ratings continue to tank, and now, the president’s workplace vaccine mandate is in serious jeopardy. The US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently placed a permanent injunction against Biden’s unilateral action while the court weighed its constitutionality. The judges stated Biden’s move posed a serious Constitutional question and said the lawsuits against it are likely to win.

On Thursday, November 18, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis held a bill signing ceremony in Brandon, Florida, (don’t miss the symbolism of the location). Regardless, the state legislature passed a law requiring private employers to allow vaccine exemptions and undercutting the Biden administration’s workplace vaccine mandate. Now, one prominent company believes the workplace vaccine is likely to be gutted by the courts and chose to follow the new state law.

Disney Reverses Vaccine Mandate

In July, Disney made vaccinations mandatory for all on-site salaried and non-union hourly workers. On Saturday, November 20, one of America’s largest employers suspended its worker vaccine mandate as a condition for employment. The massive entertainment company stated its mandatory vaccine policy was the right approach for employees, cast, and guests. However, the new Florida law prompted the company to reverse course quickly to prevent an escalation of legal issues.

Disney stated over 90% of its Florida-based workforce was verified as fully vaccinated. The company did not allow vaccination exemptions for medical or religious reasons.

Gov. DeSantis has been firm about upholding state laws protecting the liberties and freedoms of the state’s residents. During the bill signing on Thursday, the popular Republican governor said the states are the primary means of protecting citizens’ liberties and freedoms. The 10th Amendment of the US Constitution states whatever powers it doesn’t explicitly grant to the federal government are the purview of the states and individuals. It’s a principle known as federalism.

Biden Administration Lashes Out

On Monday, while aboard Air Force One, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki shot back at DeSantis. Reporters asked Psaki what the federal government could do regarding the Fifth Circuit Court ruling and the new Florida state law. Psaki didn’t have an answer because there isn’t one. Instead, she took a pot shot at the governor by suggesting he isn’t taking the pandemic seriously, and she said the law is a step backward for Florida.

Since Biden took office in January, he’s regularly attacked DeSantis’ approach to the pandemic. Where Biden sees more government as necessary to control COVID, DeSantis and Florida Republicans put the responsibility on citizens instead of the government. They eliminated mask mandates, vaccine passport requirements, and vaccine mandates.

When the school year began, several large school districts violated state law and initiated mask mandates for staff and students. In October, the administration fined one school millions of dollars for violating state law. The shot across the bow forced other school districts to reverse course immediately to prevent them from facing severe fines. Biden offered to pay teachers who lost wages for violating state law. These constitute more examples of a lawless president intent on exerting power he doesn’t have.

In the coming weeks and months, appeals courts will begin hearing and ruling on Biden’s actions. The vaccine mandate cases could ultimately end up in the US Supreme Court.

Stay tuned.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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