White House Aware of Clinton Email Issues in 2015

Trump Appoints New Secretary of DHS
Trump Appoints New Secretary of DHS

Those who’ve wondered if the Obama administration was involved in the Clinton email/server cover up need wonder no longer.
New emails show that Obama’s top administration officials not only knew about the issues in early 2015, but were highly concerned about potential fallout during the campaign.
As reported by the WSJ, the latest emails that showed up were obtained by the Republican National Committee as part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking records of Clinton’s time in office. The RNC released relevant emails to The Wall Street Journal.
While Clinton admits she made a mistake in using private email, there is an enormous difference between a mistake and a deliberate act of hiding official communications that concern national security. She has been knowingly and intentionally operating above the law without government oversight and without sufficient security.
Clinton’s remarks about the server being secure and never breached are clearly an outright lie considering the number of emails already leaked by hackers. What else is going to come out before it’s all said and done?