White House Confronts Democrats

White House Confronts Democrats

Isn’t it high time the Left gave up their nonsensical ranting about President Donald J. Trump?
Having a pet cause is one thing. Spending close to two years dreaming up lies about someone (lies for which there is zero proof, I might add) is akin to stalking.
That’s exactly the sentiment shared by White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley in a recent interview with “America’s Newsroom” on Fox.
Huzzah for sensible news we can all agree with.

Key Points

  • Gidley spoke to Fox’s reporters just after the Mueller Report broke. One of the news anchors asked him whether President Trump was “concerned” about being impeached, given the Left’s renewed push to oust him from the Presidency.

The video:

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  • “I was standing right next to him yesterday at the Easter Egg Roll when a question was shouted out about impeachment,” he replied. “He said he wasn’t worried at all. Not in the least. Because there is nothing to worry about when you’ve done nothing wrong.”
  • Gidley also blasted top Democrats for “vying to be at the top of the ticket” in their presidential primary, yet demanding the President be punished for crimes he did not commit. “The president hasn’t done anything criminally wrong, and they’re still trying to attack [him].
  • “After two and a half years and all the subpoenas and the witnesses, we now know there is no collusion with a foreign power,” he added. “We know there’s no obstruction.” Instead, he believes the issue is more about Democrats “not want[ing] to get to the truth” because they want the Presidency for themselves.
  • It’s the most sensible answer we’ve heard in a long time — but his wrap-up? That’s even better. “The conclusion is: no collusion. And Democrats need to get over it, even though they want it to be true.”