White House INSIDER Dies Suddenly – He’s Gone!

Former Defense Secretary Dead at 68

Former Defense Secretary Dead at 68

(UnitedVoice.com) – Former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter served his country for both parties across five presidential administrations. His passion for results overcame his politics, making him a qualified and competent leader. His push for soldier safety in war zones and equality among the troops was nothing short of historic.

On October 25, Secretary Carter, 68, died from a heart attack. The announcement came from Douglas Elmendorf, Dean of Harvard University’s Kennedy School, where the former secretary once served as Director of the Belfer Center for International Affairs. Carter was originally from Philadelphia.

Before serving as the defense secretary, Carter spent time as the top procurement official for the administration. He pushed to get Mine Resistant Abush-Resistant (MRAP) vehicles to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, where improvised explosive devices wreaked havoc on typical transports, delivering more than 24,000 units during his tenure. He considered the accomplishment one of his proudest achievements.

Carter also researched and advocated for the inclusion of transgender Americans in the United States military, citing the need for inclusiveness for all citizens. He made it his mission to see that anyone who wanted to serve could have the opportunity to compete for a spot at the very least.

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