White House Issues Statement Regarding Death of World Leader

White House Issues Statement Regarding Death of World Leader

(UnitedVoice.com) – Early Wednesday morning, July 7, a group of assassins entered the home of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse and shot him to death. The group turned on his wife, shooting and injuring her, as well. When news broke of the assassination, President Joe Biden issued a statement telling Haiti he’s mourning with them.

After the attack, Moïse’s wife, Martine, was flown to Miami to undergo treatment for multiple gunshot wounds. Officials have said she’s in stable, but critical, condition.

Moïse was a controversial figure in Haiti, often described as a dictator. For months, the country has been in a state of political upheaval because of his rule. In January 2020, the deceased leader dissolved the country’s parliament and began ruling by decree. His opponents demanded he step down as violence plagued the country of 11 million people.

The Haitian government, currently led by Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph, has asked the US to help boost its military and police. In September, the country is expected to hold a presidential election to choose a new leader.

Port-au-Prince Police Chief Léon Charles said four of the suspects in the shooting have been killed and two others were detained. The men in custody have been described as “foreigners.”

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