White House Knows Its Agenda Is in Big Trouble

White House Knows Its Agenda Is in Big Trouble

(UnitedVoice.com) – When President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in on January 20, their grandiose ideas of reversing all that was Trump seemed like heaven to the Democratic Party. Fast forward six months and their incompetence is catching up with them. Democrats can’t seem to get their act together and are failing on multiple fronts simultaneously.

On Wednesday, June 23, Biden announced his plan to take violent crime seriously. There’s more – suddenly, Harris is headed to the southern border ahead of former President Trump’s visit. It seems the White House knows something the rest of the Democratic Party doesn’t know. Its plan and future may be in big trouble. The only reasonable explanation for the changes Biden and Harris are implementing must be because of internal polling. If public opinion is shifting too quickly and dramatically against them, it’s the only reason a political party would shift its focus so dramatically in a short time.

Just two years ago, Biden and Harris shared a debate stage pledging to outdo one another on policing and immigration. They traded jabs about who was more anti-cop or could humanely allow more illegal immigrants into the country.

Crime and the Border Suggest Problems Are Ahead for Democrats

This week, Biden did something he hasn’t done in two years. He bucked the Left’s call to defund the police. It was quiet and subtle, and the media didn’t bother to mention the rhetoric is changing. On Wednesday, the president pledged to provide increased funding to police departments. That’s a radical shift from a president who claims that police departments are systemically racist. Notice how he didn’t bring that up as he called for more police?

What about immigration? After 91 days of refusing to visit the border, the vice president suddenly decided it’s time to make an appearance. The announcement came as former President Donald Trump announced he’s making a stop at the border. Harris continually claims there’s not a serious crisis on the border, and she’s trying to solve the underlying root problems of migration from Central America.

The White House ought to be getting nervous. Not only is its agenda collapsing as failures pile up, so is public opinion. Internal polls must be signaling danger ahead. That’s the only reason Biden would shift course this dramatically and quickly. If the internal polls are collapsing, the administration may also be trying to protect Democrats without their blessing as they continue to push further left.

In reality, we’re experiencing divided government and incompetence by the president, vice president, and leadership in Congress, all of whom want the left-wing agenda but can’t get it done. Where they’ve been successful in getting around the GOP, they are failing in outcomes.

Democratic Base May Be Shifting

Fortunately, there are actual indicators we can see in real-time that paint the picture of why Biden may be shifting. Last year, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio defunded the police by $1 billion. Crime is out of control. On Tuesday, a former NYPD captain handily won the Democratic primary on promises of refunding police and fighting crime.

While Democrats try to present a public image that they are solving problems, they don’t have real solutions—their leftist ideology clashes with common sense and reality. Biden and Harris think the answer to solving violent crime is to go after gun shop owners. However, they aren’t contributing to the largest spike in crimes since the country started keeping records. Gun ownership started to grow last year when people realized police might not be there to protect them. Criminals rarely buy guns legally, and gun shop owners don’t sell them to people who aren’t supposed to have them. If they do and they get caught, they get prosecuted, and they go to jail.

Then there’s Central American poverty. People have thousands of dollars to come to America, but they supposedly can’t afford to live in their own countries, according to Vice President Harris. Throwing billions of dollars at governments doesn’t solve the crisis on the border as human and sex trafficking smugglers work with impunity.

Biden and Harris are looking at the issues through the wrong lenses. Americans see what’s going on. The Democratic Party may face a reckoning with voters. Will they be able to reverse course and avoid walking the plank in 2022 and 2024?

The odds are highly against them considering the incompetence spewing from Washington, DC, and Democratic strongholds. Their internal polls likely show the Democratic base is shifting. If so, election disasters are ahead as voters across America respond negatively to the Biden/Harris, Democratic agenda.

Unfortunately, November 2022 is a lifetime away in politics. Still, Democrats as a whole won’t likely abandon their agenda until America does it for them.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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