White House Officials Scrambling to Clean Up Eviction Mess

White House Officials Scrambling to Clean Up Eviction Mess

(UnitedVoice.com) – When the COVID-19 pandemic began, former President Donald Trump moved to protect renters. He issued a moratorium on evictions, which was extended multiple times. Now, more than a year later, President Joe Biden’s administration is allowing the moratorium to expire and they’re scrambling to avoid millions of evictions.

On June 24, the CDC issued what will likely be the last extension of its eviction moratorium until July 31st. The original decree allowed renters to stay in their homes during the pandemic even if they couldn’t afford to pay. Once it expires, all of the money owed will be due. If renters can’t pay, landlords will be allowed to evict.

On Monday, June 28, White House COVID-19 aid czar, Gene Sperling, said the administration is “sprinting and sprinting and sprinting” to prevent a wave of evictions. While the government scrambles to prevent Americans from becoming homeless, landlords are suffering, too. Many of them need the money that has been denied to them in order to pay their mortgages and maintain their properties.

Republicans are now asking where the $46 billion dollars of federal aid earmarked for rent and mortgage relief went. Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) issued a statement demanding to know where the money has gone. The Biden administration has not responded.

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