White House on the Defensive, Tries to Redefine ‘Stranded’

White House on the Defensive, Tries to Redefine

(UnitedVoice.com) – The Biden administration is finally reflecting the image of its boss. They struggle with the truth and allege that those who don’t side with them are misinformed while continually lying to the American people. Monday’s White House press briefing turned out to be one more flagrant example.

On Monday, August 23, Fox News Correspondent Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki a straightforward question. Psaki grew visibly upset after being asked if President Biden was aware of the criticism pointed at him over the Afghanistan withdrawal and Americans “stranded” in Kabul. Her response was not an answer. She turned the question into an inappropriate misinformation campaign.

Are Americans Stranded?

The White House press secretary alleged it was “irresponsible” to state the Taliban are stranding Americans in Afghanistan. She unequivocally stated everyone who wants to come home could do so.

After a brief back and forth, Psaki said, “I’m just calling you out for saying we are stranding Americans in Afghanistan when we have been very clear that we are not leaving Americans who want to return home.”

First of all, should the Biden administration really be calling out anyone? These are the same people who suggest election reform in GOP-led states are “Jim Crow” laws. Over the last week, they’ve lied more times than one can count. It’s so bad, every time Biden says something, the State Department and Department of Defense contradict him in real-time.

And one of the biggest misappropriations of the truth was Biden’s assertion nobody saw the collapse coming so quickly after the US withdrawal. Yet, there was an internal memo from June stating the strong likelihood it would. Then, on Wednesday, August 18, Biden told George Stephanopoulos of ABC News that the Taliban was cooperating and allowing American citizens out of the country. That wasn’t the truth because Taliban checkpoints prevent people from getting near the American forces for flights out.

So, Psaki says no one is stranded. She must not know what the word means.

Strand (according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary) — “to leave in a strange or an unfavorable place especially without funds or means to depart.”

Yes, Americans Are Stranded

Despite Psaki’s misinformation, the Pentagon and the State Department estimate anywhere from 8,000 to 15,000 Americans were in Afghanistan. We’ve only evacuated about 4,000 of those. There are numerous reports of the Taliban denying American citizens access to the Kabul airport. People are calling reporters relating they are trapped, scared, and threatened.

Last week, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the 5,200 troops in Kabul couldn’t help those outside the airport. The defense secretary’s reason: They must keep the airport secure. So, why haven’t we sent more soldiers? Is Biden really allowing terrorists to trap Americans? It would seem so.

So, what definition of “stranded” is Psaki using? It’s inconceivable this administration could continue to make a bad situation worse. Yet, they do it almost daily.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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