White House Security Breach Leads to Secret Service Jumping In

White House Security Breach Leads to Secret Service Jumping In

(UnitedVoice.com) – Visiting the country’s capital is always a cool experience. Standing in front of the White House, the home of arguably the most powerful leader in the world, is also very interesting. A family recently visited the People’s house — and got more than they bargained for.

On April 18, agents with the US Secret Service Uniformed Division sprang into action when the White House’s perimeter was breached. They rushed toward the iron fence that surrounds the house and captured an intruder. It wasn’t a terrorist (though his parents might disagree at bedtime) who’d squeezed through the fence; it was a toddler.

According to the Associated Press, an agency spokesperson, Anthony Guglielmi, said Secret Service agents found a “curious young visitor” along the fence line on the North Lawn. He was quickly caught and reunited with his parents. Reporting indicates officers spoke to the parents briefly, and then everyone went on their way.

In 2016, the Secret Service proposed a new fence to surround the home of the president after a series of security breaches during former President Barack Obama’s administration. In one instance, a man leaped over the fence and made it through the front door of the White House. He was able to run through the main floor before being captured.

Three years later, in 2019, construction began on the barrier, and it’s been finished for quite some time. The new fence is almost double the height of the previous one. There ended up being an extra inch of space between the posts. While this incident is believed to be the first where the new fence was breached, other children have become stuck in it.

Fortunately, the child who breached it this time is okay. And his parents have a really interesting photo and story to tell about their trip to the People’s House.

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