Who’s Behind the Paid Protesters at Trump Rallies? The Russians, of Course

Who’s Behind the Paid Protesters at Trump Rallies? The Russians, of Course
Who’s Behind the Paid Protesters at Trump Rallies? The Russians, of Course

WikiLeaks just keeps on dripping. In fact, Julian Assange is not even close to being done with his leaks and Hillary Clinton already has enough smoking guns to start her own gun show.
Most people have already seen the videos of Clinton operatives talking about paying protesters to show up at Trump rallies and start fights. They’ve been doing it since the start of the 2016 campaign season and it’s nothing short of appalling.
The Clinton camp has denied having any relationship with the individuals who organize these operations, including Bob Creamer, head honcho of dirty tricks (or as they like to call it, “conflict engagement”) for Democracy Partners. And Creamer wasn’t just spreading his sleaze in Clinton quarters; he was also logged in as a visitor to the White House more than 340 times. Hmm. Nah. They were probably just talking golf.
The other operative captured on this video expose, which was created by James O’Keefe from Project Veritas, was Scott Foval, national field director for Americans United for Change and colleague of Bob Creamer. On the video, Foval described his job by saying, “We’re starting anarchy here.” Foval also admitted to paying mentally ill and elderly people to start trouble at Trump gatherings. He said the entire strategy behind these paid agitators was to create a sense of anarchy around the Trump campaign.
Not surprisingly, or maybe surprisingly to the Clinton camp, Foval was fired and Creamer, well, he “stepped back” from his duties with the Democratic National Committee and tendered his resignation. That’s it. There’s no excuse, defense, explanation, or justification for what was on that video. Those two were flat-out busted.
The Clinton campaign has tried to turn a blind eye to this one. But, oops, they did it again. Those darned WikiLeaks folks! In Sunday’s batch of leaked emails, there was an email confirming that, not only did Bob Creamer know Clinton campaign manager, Robby Mookthey were actually characterized in the email as “close.” Funny how that truth thing keeps popping up and dashing more of Clinton’s hopes.
The email, from Democracy Partners co-founder Mike Lux, said, “Just wanted to pass along this note I sent to Bob Creamer, who as you may know is consulting for the DNC and is close to Robby Mook.” It was later revealed on the video that Clinton had approved at least one plan herself, but did not speak directly to Creamer about it.
So, what’s Clinton got to say about it now? We all know the answer to that. It was the Russians!