Why a Well-Funded Ex-CIA Led Private Group Is Spying On You

Why a Well-Funded Ex-CIA Led Private Group Is Spying On You
Why a Well-Funded Ex-CIA Led Private Group Is Spying On You

It’s not just politicians that are fighting to influence the outcome of the next presidential election. A small group of wealthy Americans feels so strongly about America that they will do whatever it takes and contribute whatever it costs financially to influence the outcome. It appears they have the money and power to do just that.
A Politico article reveals that a small group of private citizens including at least one CIA operative is conducting surveillance and collecting information specifically on liberals in the name of “intelligence” to gain a tactical advantage.
The group is planning to spend $889 million in 2016 to counter liberal groups and to identify threats that could resist the conservative movement. As with any group, they are hated and feared by many and loved by others who benefit from their strength and resolve.
As usual, there’s another side to the story. According to Newsmax and other news agencies, Charles and David Koch, who are funding the surveillance and intelligence operations, have donated billions to various charities and deserving civic projects. For example, this group donated $814,000 to the Kansas State University Office of Diversity to assist “historically underrepresented students.” The group also underwrites research and teaching at Brown, Mount Holyoke, Sarah Lawrence, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Vassar, and some 245 other colleges.

In 2016, the group plans to come out strong in support of what they believe is needed to realign America around free enterprise philosophies.

The past few years, the group has attempted to influence candidates to the point of doing their bidding in exchange for strong financial support.
At least one 2016 presidential candidate won’t play their game. He will not be beholden to anyone or any group and will not accept large donations from individuals or political action committees. Of course, this group can indirectly help or hurt a particular candidate by running interference and supporting or not supporting opponents.
Members from both political parties have been impacted one way or another by this group and are forced to contend with its huge war chest and strong desire to realign America around free enterprise philosophies. We’re not certain if this is good or bad, but it’s definitely happening.
What could this spying actually do to influence you? Well to start, they can literally control the advertising you see online every day. Every time you open Facebook or any website for that matter, you could literally be targeted for a realignment campaign. If you were a liberal influencer, you might actually be on a watch list to have your social posts countered and discredited by extremely well-versed opponents. The list goes on.
One thing for certain, this is the information-age and the rules are changing in favor of those with the best command over online marketing channels.
What can you do about it? Be more aware. Take what you read with a grain of salt and consider the source. Be true to your beliefs and consider many perspectives and viewpoints before jumping on whatever bandwagon is making the most sense to you.