Why Hillary Clinton is the “OJ Simpson” of American Politics

Why Hillary Clinton is the political O.J. Simpson
Why Hillary Clinton is the political O.J. Simpson

We can all agree that this presidential election year has been very entertaining. I equate it to watching a disastrous football game where both teams are constantly fumbling the ball, are always being called offsides and the referees have no idea how to officiate this game.

If the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit!

O.J. Simpson was tried and found not guilty for the murders of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson back in 1994. Although prosecutors had an overwhelming amount of DNA evidence against Simpson, including blood traces of the victims in his car and Nicole’s blood on a pair of his socks, the defense used technical mistakes by the forensics team to suggest contamination of the crime scene and cast doubt on the DNA evidence.
A jury found Simpson not guilty after an eight-month trial that ended on Oct. 3, 1995. Starting to sound a little familiar?

If the emails were deleted, Hillary can’t be defeated!

Hillary Clinton has a way with words. Mostly it’s in the form of changing their meaning. For example, she said that the FBI was doing a “security review” during her email investigation. The FBI doesn’t do “security reviews”. They conduct thorough investigations. Americans listened to FBI Director James Comey talk about how Hillary was “extremely careless” in her handling of “very classified, highly sensitive material.” In case you missed the word comparison, here it is.

The outcome of the investigation has caused many Americans to lose faith in the Judicial System. Do you think you would have gotten the same treatment Hillary did if it was you under investigation by the FBI? Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer that.
It doesn’t matter how many investigations Hillary is involved in, it seems there will never be a conviction. Let’s take a quick look at some other questionable Clinton issues past and present:


  • Chinagate
  • Travelgate Scandal
  • Whitewater Scandal
  • Vince Foster Jr. Mystery
  • Filegate Scandal
  • Cattle-Futures Miracle
  • Lootergate
  • Drug Dealer Donor Scandal
  • Clinton Foundation Questionable Donors
  • Pay to Play Allegations
  • Benghazi
  • Email Scandal


With such a long list of controversies and zero convictions, it proves the Clintons are the “political Houdinis” of our time.

Americans just want straight answers

Have you wondered why politicians, in particularly Hillary Clinton, can’t be transparent and answer simple questions? Are we, as American voters, supposed to just accept because they’re “career politicians” that they can disguise their true agendas with talking points and political rhetoric? I want to believe voters aren’t that naive. I pray they’re not that naive.
Listen to then Senator Obama during the 2008 Presidential Race talk about Hillary Clinton. He knew exactly the kind of person she was and why it was important he became the democratic presidential nominee. Why should Americans believe him now? Are we just sheep in their political farm bred to roam around while they pull the wool over our eyes? Watch and listen…

Donald Trump has spoken to the media on a weekly basis. Of course, he doesn’t seem to be doing himself any favors but at least it seems we’re getting some transparency and direct answers (sometimes a little too much). In his defense, he doesn’t speak “politician.”
Like him or not, he seems to scare so many “career politicians” because he represents what they loathe in Washington. A simple minded American who spews at the mouth and speaks out of turn. He has what we call “Joe Biden” tendencies.

Donald Trump’s words may be dangerous but Hillary Clinton has proven her words are deadly.

And that’s why Hillary Clinton is America’s political “O.J. Simpson.”