Why Is Biden’s Budget Really Late?

Why Is Biden's Budget Really Late?

(UnitedVoice.com) – The Biden administration announced that President Biden’s federal budget request to Congress would be delayed this year. The administration claims it’s President Trump’s fault. They allege that the Trump administration didn’t cooperate with the transition team prior to Biden taking office on January 20.

Is that really the cause of the budget’s delay?

It’s not likely. In fact, it’s normal for a new administration to submit their budget requests late. The federal budget is large and complex. However, there are untold numbers of government employees who do the work and know exactly what data to input. So, the rub is not on the former administration. It’s likely on the new one.

WhatIs the Federal Budget Process

The federal budget process starts for the next fiscal year (which begins October 1) when the president submits a detailed budget request. Usually, it’s submitted to Congress on the first Monday in February. However, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, delays are typical when a new administration takes office and prepares its budget request to reflect changes in policies, agendas and goals.

The budget reflects the administration’s expectations for how much the federal government will spend, tax revenues, and how large a government deficit they expect. Once given to Congress, the budget is out of the president’s hands until it’s time to sign it into law or veto it.

What Could Be Causing the Delay?

A combination of issues could be holding up the administration. Chief among them is converting from Trump’s previous federal budget to one allowing a wild tax and spend philosophy. As Biden moves the federal government further Left, he must make many big decisions about funding allocation and when to dip into the national debt.

For example, as Biden moves to make America’s southern border a free-for-all, it comes with significant changes in budget policy. The president will need to transfer money from the wall and border security projects to house and transport people across America.

There’s also COVID-19 to consider. How will the administration handle it? Will they need to move money away from vaccinating Americans to vaccinating illegal immigrants and taking care of their medical needs?

Imagine the challenges they will project for healthcare, education, social welfare programs, and foreign policy. When major changes occur to an administration’s agenda and policy goals, it creates extreme budget changes.

Blaming Trump is a distraction from reality. Unfortunately, it seems that’s the pattern moving forward. Deflect, blame, and implement far-Left policies while few are paying attention.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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