Why Is Cancel Culture Hitting Trump and His Supporters Hard?

Why Is Cancel Culture Hitting Trump and His Supporters Hard?

(UnitedVoice.com) – For decades, the cancel culture intimidated and bullied people. Nearly twenty years ago, Merry Christmas became taboo. Stores were threatened with protests by leftist groups if they didn’t stop using the term. Up until 2016, many politicians trembled in its wake.

Then Donald Trump came along and violated all the principles of political correctness that drove cancel culture. His push against the practice led to loyal support for the president. However, it also is now hitting Trump and his supporters hard.

What Is Cancel Culture

There isn’t a single definition of what it is, but you know it when you see it. Some define it as political correctness with retribution. When a politician, celebrity, or business takes a position or says something contrary to leftist ideology, there could be protests and boycotts designed to hurt or destroy reputations, ruin careers, and shut down businesses.

Why Is Cancel Culture Hitting Trump?

In the wake of the January 6 violent riots on Capitol Hill that disrupted a joint session of Congress attempting to certify the Electoral College votes, some members of both parties accused President Trump of stoking the emotions that led to the tragic event. However, the last five years’ history shows that’s not why cancel culture is hitting Trump hard — it’s an excuse for something much more nefarious.

The DC establishment has been waiting four years for this moment. Now, there is a full-blown effort underway to finish off Trump once and for all and separate him from his supporters. It started as early as 2017 with the “Russia” collusion hoax. An impeachment was wrongly conducted, and staff and allies were doxed and harassed in public throughout the Trump presidency. Does anyone remember this from Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)?

Trump, his staff, and his supporters were shamed and ridiculed in the news and on social media for four years. The attempts to destroy Trump never worked. Now, the establishment in Washington, DC, in both parties and the media, is making it clear that Trump can never succeed and is making an example out of him to voters.

At the very end of President Trump’s term, leftists Big Tech companies Facebook and Twitter finally did what they wanted to do all along. They blocked Trump’s accounts indefinitely. Online retailer Shopify removed TrumpStore.com and others from their platform, preventing sales of MAGA merchandise.

It’s Not Just Trump

In the days leading up to the Electoral College certification, the media scolded several US Senators for supporting objections to several state results. However, on Thursday, January 7, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) was singled out and chastised by The Kansas City Star in an editorial titled: “…Sen. Josh Hawley has blood on his hands in Capitol coup attempt.”

Simon & Schuster canceled Hawley’s book deal, claiming the Senator participated in a “dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom.”

How is it possible in America that a US Senator who participates in a legitimate political and Constitutional process to question voter fraud is dangerous?

Cooler heads must prevail. Instead, Democrats are on the attack begging for the 25th Amendment to be used to remove the president immediately and threatening impeachment with less than two weeks until inauguration day.

What happened at the Capitol building was wrong. It should be detested. But at the core, this is a political opportunity for the left, and they never let a good crisis go to waste.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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