Why Melania is Glowing

Why Melania is Glowing
Why Melania is Glowing

No, the First Lady isn’t with child (that we’re aware of, anyway). She’s just completely, unequivocally in love with her husband, Donald Trump, after he lavished her with praise at last week’s White House Governors Ball. We’ll tell you what Melania heard him say that had her so happy and why it’s more proof the Left is wrong about their relationship.

Key Facts

  • It was an auspicious moment: President Donald Trump stood at the podium during the White House Governors Ball. Melania stood nearby, stunning in her white and black ensemble. As she looked on, Trump began to speak.
  • “I want to thank our First Lady,” he continues, “this is such a beautiful job,” referring to the role she played in planning the ball. “So Melania, I just want to thank you very much!” A sweet tone in his voice highlighted a not-often-seen, yet totally warranted softer side of the President as a man who very much loves his wife.
  • Melania, of course, was charmed. A bright smile on her face, she beamed back at her husband as people attending the ball clapped. It was a lovely celebration of their love as much as it was an important political moment.
  • Our First Lady certainly has accomplished quite a bit during her time in office. Her ability to speak five languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Serbian and Slovenian, aids her when she travels as an ambassador.
  • Mrs. Trump also spent months working on her well-known “Be Best” campaign, an effort to help children be the very  best people they can be, even from an early age.

Melania has come under fire in recent months from the Left for everything from alleged involvement with pornography years ago to allowing her husband to cheat in the open without taking action against it. She has repeatedly dismissed the rumors and told the public she very much loves her husband. In fact, she has said she “really doesn’t think about” the rumors at all.