Why the Proposed Infrastructure Deal Is a Ruse

Why the Proposed Infrastructure Deal is a Ruse

(UnitedVoice.com) – For decades, infrastructure spending was a widely bipartisan issue. The public heavily supports fixing roads, bridges, airports, railways and other public works-type projects. Perhaps that’s the reason Democrats are calling a new $3 trillion plan being prepared by the Biden administration an “infrastructure” plan.

But is it really an infrastructure plan, and will it really create jobs? According to the House’s previous legislation in 2020 and President Biden’s “Build Back Better” propaganda, that’s not entirely the case. This bill would include universal pre-K, free community college, a national paid leave program, and more. In fact, like the COVID-19 bill signed into law nearly two weeks ago that dealt little with the pandemic, this infrastructure plan is just more of the same.

Why Infrastructure Is a Ruse

By April 2020, Congress and the Federal Reserve had already thrown $6 trillion at the pandemic. Add on top of that the $800 billion package in December and the $1.9 trillion deal last week. The total spending likely exceeds $10 trillion so far, and the US economy is still hobbling along due to lockdowns and government overreach. The government cannot spend America out of the problem they largely contributed to by locking down the country.

Plus, Biden ended one major infrastructure project when he revoked the Keystone XL pipeline permit that cost thousands of jobs or more. He stopped building the southern border wall, which also cost thousands of jobs. This bill isn’t about infrastructure. It’s about the Left’s ideology. They proved they are willing to use a wrecking ball on infrastructure that doesn’t meet their agenda.

Regardless, Democrats believe the answer to pushing up America’s economy is to spend another $3 trillion. On what? According to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), America was already executing a plan that was working from 2017-2019. However, Democrats don’t want the marketplace to fix what ails America.

There are three reasons why the Dems are wrong:

  1. The Green New Deal is not an infrastructure plan; it’s a far-left dream. It’s estimated to cost upwards of $5 trillion to switch from coal, nuclear, and natural gas to 100% renewables. California is proving how difficult the task is and could be scaling back their original plans soon.
  2. It could be years before the “real” infrastructure money boosts the economy. As we learned under former President Barack Obama, “shovel-ready” isn’t real. It takes time to do studies, acquire permits, and meet regulations just to get permission to start the job. It could take years before actual work begins, and workers collect checks.
  3. Taxes on businesses and the wealthy are already being proposed to pay for the spending. As a result, they are likely to scale back business operations to afford the new tax increases. That comes at the cost of jobs, productivity, and tax receipts which ultimately cancels the theoretical benefits of big government spending.

Expansion of Federal Government

Democrats are not really interested in infrastructure or getting America out of the pandemic. They are interested in power. If Congress passes the same or similar version of the 2020 bill, it will strip state and local governments of their infrastructure responsibilities. In the process, we will lose transparency, accountability and efficiency. It’s hard to talk with people in the federal government who don’t care about you locally. It’s much easier to speak with the mayor or county commissioner about the potholes destroying your car.

What Democrats are proposing is a one-size-fits-all, take-it-or-leave-it tactic. Except they intend to take it all. Literally, they plan to pack as much of the far-left agenda as they can into any bill while avoiding the chance the GOP could stop them.

The Democrat’s infrastructure proposal is a ruse. If Congress isn’t careful, America could face another economic crisis similar to the 1970s when inflation was sky-high, gasoline was difficult to come by, and the economy was leaving more people behind than it was helping. As the real cost of the bill goes up and taxes with it, the economy would likely slip further behind. Of course, that’s good for the Democrats. It makes more people dependent on the government, and they hope it creates a new voter block for them.

Is that really what America needs?

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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