Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate “the 4th of July”

Independence Day
Independence Day

No we’re not saying don’t have fun celebrating with your family and friends. It just somehow seems that referring to this beloved summer holiday as “the 4th of July” does a disservice to what this holiday is really meant to celebrate: the historic and improbable overthrow of oppressive British imperialism by a people determined to create a better life and country for themselves.
To establish freedom in a world that had never seen that before in all of history. In a long and bloody struggle, the poorly equipped colonial army secured American independence against a vastly superior British fighting force, the decisive Battle of Yorktown concluding in the fall of 1781. The Declaration of Independence, which had received formal approval five years earlier on July 4, 1776, was where our founding fathers put everything on the line. If Washington’s army had lost, all the document’s signers would likely have faced execution.
So they chose July 4th as the day to celebrate American Independence year after year. There is nothing special about the 4th of July itself, yet it seems that the date is getting all the credit as the term Independence Day is rarely used anymore. And even if it is, the significance has long faded to the average American.
In case you haven’t noticed, our nation is drastically changing. President Obama and his administration began (and never quite ended) an “apology tour” where he called America “arrogant” and constantly apologized to other countries for the way we Americans behave.
We live in a country where our countrymen working in Benghazi were left to fend for themselves in the face of a brutal attack. They begged for assistance before and during the attack and were denied, ultimately leaving us four dead Americans including a highly respected U.S. Ambassador. And still, no one has had to answer for that.
We live in a country where our leadership changed the Oath of Allegiance. Legal immigrants to our nation are not required to pledge and defend America anymore.
We live in a country where illegal immigrants get more federal assistance than our own Veterans. Where words like “radical islam” are not to be used so we don’t offend a certain religious group.But this administration is quick to group all law abiding and responsible gun owners when weapons are used in terrorist attacks.
We live in a country where many American-hating globalists, many of whom actually live in the U.S., would like nothing more than to dismantle and tear apart the U.S. Constitution and our American way of life.
We don’t celebrate calendar dates in America. We celebrate Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day, and so on. The 4th of July is just a date on a calendar. It’s Independence Day we are celebrating, a day to appreciate, with all its flaws, the greatest country that ever existed.
It’s important that we, as patriotic Americans, continue traditions that made this country great. All that was fought for those many years ago are under assault right now. More than ever we need to highlight the significance of such an important day and not diminish it by glorifying a mere date on the calendar.
After all, we don’t say “Merry 25th of December.” or Happy January 1st!” As for “Cinco de Mayo”… well, I’ll just leave that one alone.