Widow of Murdered Officer Blasts “Supervillains” Kamala Harris and George Soros

Widow of Murdered Officer Blasts

Soros And Kamala Harris? – Widow Drops BOMBSHELL Accusations!

(UnitedVoice.com) – In 2020, major Democratic-led cities endured countless nights of protests and violent riots. St. Louis, Missouri, was no exception. On June 2, 2020, 26-year-old looter Stephan Cannon shot and killed retired police captain David Dorn. The 77-year-old was investigating an alarm at a friend’s pawn shop when he encountered Cannon. In July, a jury convicted him of first-degree murder.

On Tuesday, August 23, his widow penned an op-ed on Fox News Digital. Ann Dorn blasted billionaire left-wing benefactor George Soros and Vice President Kamala Harris for their roles in empowering and condoning criminal elements. She referred to her deceased husband as a “superhero” and contrasted the wealthy far-left advocate and vice president as “supervillains.”

Widow Blasts Supervillains

Dorn stated the two villains used their influence to advocate for violence and extreme politics. Her criticism against Soros and Harris was mainly for their blind support of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the funding of rioter bail funds. She accused them of supporting an extremist group that participated in demeaning and demoralizing law officers and pushing to end policing.

The Daily Mail reported that in 2020, Soros provided $3 million to a dark money group that supported extreme causes, and BLM was on the list. The vice president established a bail fund to free suspected criminals. Many of them allegedly engaged in more crimes after bailing out of jail.

The widow stated over a dozen children were shot, but BLM never showed up for them. Dorn added over 55 businesses were broken into, looted, or destroyed on the evening Cannon shot and killed the former police captain. She said in every instance, all of their lives mattered.

Retired Officer Doesn’t Forget About Woke Corporations

While Dorn heavily criticized BLM, Soros, and Harris, the widow didn’t spare others. Also a retired police officer, she blasted woke corporations for blindly funding the organization while they openly supported defunding law enforcement. The ex-officer stated corporations that helped fund BLM and other radical groups ended up hurting the country, not helping it.

So, how much money did big businesses donate to BLM?

In all, 17 other corporations gave the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation at least $100,000 soon after a Minneapolis police officer killed George Floyd.

Mrs. Dorn is partnering with Concerned Communities of America. The group includes influential Black clergy and leaders fighting back against woke companies who helped fund the 2020 riots.

On Wednesday, she told Fox & Friends voters could solve the problem by vetting politicians before electing them.

What do you think? Will voters invest the effort?

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