Wildfire Devastates Country Overseas

Wildfire Devastates Country Overseas

(UnitedVoice.com) – California firefighters are currently battling the second-largest fire in the state’s history — but the US is not alone in the wildfire struggle. Officials in Greece and Turkey are also battling blazes. Then there is the fire in Algeria — it’s horrific.

Algerian residents are speaking out against their government after (at the time of this writing) 69 people have lost their lives in devastating wildfires in the country. Among the victims are 28 military members who were battling the blazes, trying to save lives. Residents have said the government doesn’t have the equipment it needs to properly fight the fires, including an amphibious aircraft used to pour water on the blazes.

Algeria’s government has been asking the European Union for help, but they have been busy in Greece, where more than 100 fires have erupted. On August 12, the EU finally said it would send two Canadair aircraft to help. Video shows the planes dropping water on the fires.

Meanwhile, California firefighters continue battling the Dixie Fire in the US, which has destroyed more than half a million acres.

Dry conditions and extreme heat are to blame in the countries where the blazes are burning. Hopefully, firefighters worldwide can get the fires under control without any more loss of life.

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