Will America Pushback as Biden Embraces Left-Wing Radicalism?

Will America Pushback as Biden Embraces Left-Wing Radicalism

(UnitedVoice.com) – During the 2020 general election, then-candidate Joe Biden claimed the talking mantra that he was a moderate who could unite the country. However, there was also a lot of doublespeak on-going. In August, Biden claimed if elected, he would become the most progressive president in United States history. Most Americans never heard that, but they’re experiencing his words in action now.

The fact is, Biden promised to govern to the far left. In just two weeks, he’s already proven to be more extreme than his ex-boss, former President Barack Obama. Prior to Donald Trump, liberalism was based on an economic philosophy of tax, spend and regulate. It aimed to centralize power in the federal government. What Biden’s doing is layering liberalism with a transformative cultural agenda.

Most Americans don’t support this agenda or the outcomes likely to come with it. However, will the electorate push back?

History Suggest Voters Will Reject Biden’s Aggressive Agenda to Transform America

Throughout history, there were moments when the government went too far and alienated its citizens. The roaring 1920s led to the Great Depression. The hippies behind the 1960s cultural revolution led to a pushback that saw conservative Richard Nixon (R) win in a 1972 landslide. The MAGA movement that elected Donald Trump was a response to the Bush and Obama administrative states.

Biden repeatedly rejects the Trump administration and its actions. He goes out of his way to remind America that he intends to restore America to business as usual, which is what got Trump elected in the first place.

While Biden may partially restore the government to pre-Trump levels, it’s hardly business as usual. In fact, the president is moving America hard-left at a breakneck speed using the power of his pen. In two weeks, Biden destroyed swaths of the energy sector and countless jobs along with it, all in the name of climate change. He started reshaping government programs with social justice goals, ordered the government to favor transgender boys over girls in athletics, and began pushing for record amnesty of illegals while openly inviting countless illegal immigrants into the country.

Cultural Issues Are the Emphasis

While conservatives see his policies as bad, the left-wing radicalism Biden’s embracing is even worse. Biden is embracing social justice and “racial-equity.” Identity politics is no longer just a political weapon that Democrats attempt to wield to win elections. Now, it’s a policy and legal tool that Biden and Democrats hope will secure them votes for generations to come.

At the same time, Big Tech is banning conservatives at a breathless rate. Schools are changing their names from Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln at an alarming rate because they were white, racist men. Leftists are demanding the renaming of holidays and the rewriting of American history.

Will America Push Back?

Biden’s term is already more radical than both of Obama’s terms put together, and this is as good as it’s going to get for conservatives. Biden is embracing and leading the most radical left-wing agenda in US history. As the oldest president in US history, he’s not planning to run again. That makes him even more emboldened.

This president will not unite the country. The left claims that COVID-19, social justice issues, and the riots on Capitol Hill on January 6 moved the country leftward.

Either it’s a stroke of genius, or they are overplaying their hand. If Liberals are wrong, Conservatives will have an opportunity to own all three branches of government in a short time. While Biden’s policies are reckless, perhaps their agenda will finally be exposed as a train wreck once and for all as America feels its painful impact on their bank accounts, lifestyles, and liberties.

The question is, will voters push back against the extremism or embrace it? Time will tell.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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