Will Biden Re-Ignite the Border Crisis?

Will Biden Re-Ignite the Border Crisis?

(UnitedVoice.com) – In 2016, the then-candidate for president, Donald Trump, ran on securing America’s Southern border. By the end of President Barack Obama’s second term, waves of families and unaccompanied children were streaming across the border in caravans. With capacity full to handle the problem, the Obama administration manufactured, installed, and put children and families in the now-infamous cages for which the Trump administration was blamed.

Over the four years of President Trump’s first term, the administration took over 400 measures to ease the surge at the southern border. Trump was able to do what many previous presidents could not. His administration negotiated international agreements with Mexico and Central American countries that allowed asylum seekers to apply in their home countries without making the dangerous journey to illegally cross America’s border. Mexico cutoff the caravans, and construction began on the wall.

Throughout the 2020 campaign, potential President-elect Joe Biden promised to undo Trump’s immigration policy. However, will Biden really go back to policies that undermine America’s border security and return the southern border to a crisis?

Trump Administration Makes It Difficult to Undo Adding New Walls

Much of the Democratic Party promises to hold the former vice president accountable if he doesn’t end Trump’s measures to curb illegal immigration. Biden appears ready to appease the extremists. However, he might be boxed in, especially on the wall.

In August, Biden promised he would not build “another foot” of the border wall. He may not be able to fulfill that pledge.

Approximately 400 miles of wall are already built. The Trump administration plans to complete another 50 miles by the end of 2020. However, it’s the future phases that will be difficult for Biden to kill. Over two dozen projects are already under construction. The Trump administration recently signed $7 billion in contracts to build hundreds of miles of more wall with at least five construction companies.

In addition, the US Army Corps of Engineers is overseeing the construction that was paid with funds reapportioned by Trump as part of a national emergency declaration. Regardless of a new administration’s position or desire to change the policy on the wall, contractors are obligated to fulfill their contracts with the federal government.

Trump’s Policies Lead to Fewer Deportations

Per year, Trump’s common-sense approach to immigration saw him deport fewer illegal immigrants on average than Obama. If Biden returns to the Obama era immigration policies, it could reignite suggestions by critics that Biden is the return of the Deporter in Chief – a slang term given to Obama. The former president wasn’t shy about deporting people despite his pro-illegal immigration rhetoric and policies.

Biden has not said how he would reverse Trump’s policies, only that he would. If he cancels contracts, the government could be stuck with termination clauses and litigation. If he cancels agreements with Mexico and Central American countries, he could invite new waves of illegal immigrants.

While immigration was controversial during 2016 and early in Trump’s first term, it has been virtually silent since Trump implemented common-sense solutions. If Biden goes back to the old way of doing immigration, it might be more than the public can handle after years of relative silence on illegal immigration.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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