Will Partisan Media Get Away With Changing COVID-19 Origination Viewpoint?

Will Partisan Media Get Away With Changing COVID-19 Origination Views?

(UnitedVoice.com) – It’s amazing how much can change in a year, let alone a few months. In April and May 2020, then-President Donald Trump bucked the intelligence and scientific community and stood by his allegations that the COVID-19 pandemic was not a naturally occurring event. There was little doubt in his mind that the virus originated in Wuhan, China. The question wasn’t where. It was how?

News outlets dismissed Trump and other Conservatives who agreed with him because they claimed his theory was a baseless and crazy conspiracy that was totally debunked. Anyone who believed the COVID-19 virus originated in anything other than a bat or animal was considered a crazed nutjob. However, today, the story is much different. The liberal media is jumping on board now and concluding that it’s likely the Wuhan Virology Lab experimented with the virus, and it leaked from the lab.

Will they get away with last year’s irresponsible reporting?

What Changed?

In 2020, the narrative was anything Trump said was either wrong or bad. The politically partisan media was dead set on ending Trump’s political career regardless of the consequences to the country or their reputation. The truth is that America needs an independent press willing to set aside partisan leanings to tell the nation the truth as best they know it. They undermined their integrity for four years, culminating in their COVID-19 coverage, and America may never trust them again despite the media’s already abysmal approval ratings.

In a matter of days, the media went from writing off the lab leak to emphasizing it’s more probable than possible.

How did that happen?

Did they suddenly wake up and shed their partisan goggles, or were they forced into it?

18 Scientists Expose the Wuhan Lab and Call for More Research

On May 14, 18 immunologists, biologists, and other scientists penned a letter to Science magazine stating the leak theory is viable and needs to be researched. One worked in the Wuhan lab, adding credibility to the findings that support the need for more information.

Seemingly based on the submitted letter, even Dr. Anthony Fauci backtracked and said he couldn’t be confident the virus didn’t leak from the lab. America’s supposed leading infectious disease doctor has developed a long history in a short time of continually changing his tune on issues.

In addition, The Wall Street Journal published a bombshell article about three workers at the Wuhan lab who sought medical care for severe COVID-19-consistent symptoms in November 2019. The feature said previously unreleased intelligence produced the information. It’s the same information GOP leaders were called looney for exposing last year that’s now suddenly helped open the eyes of liberal journalists.

Fauci pressed the media to suppress the information last year and empowered the media to label Trump and Conservatives as crazy and irresponsible. None of them should get away with what they did. Unfortunately, the media will move on as if they never condemned good people last year for exposing the likely truth.

Will they get away with it?

It’s doubtful Republicans will let them forget come election time. We certainly won’t.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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