Will Trump Risk Mutiny on Romney for Secretary of State?

Will Trump Risk Mutiny on Romney for Secretary of State
Will Trump Risk Mutiny on Romney for Secretary of State

Does anyone really believe that President-elect Donald Trump’s top advisor, Kellyanne Conway, is feuding with him over whether or not he will appoint establishment Republican Mitt Romney to the position of secretary of state?
Well, it might look that way to some. After all, Conway did spend a good portion of her Sunday on the talk-show circuit telling the American public what an awful pick Romney would be for this position. She reminded Americans that before Trump won the presidency, Romney had characterized Trump as a “con man” and “a phony.,” He and had also gone out of his way on multiple occasions to convince American voters not to vote for Trump.
Conway, appearing as a champion for the grassroots base that helped put Trump in the White House, said Sunday that she has been deluged with emails, Tweets, etc., from Trump loyalists. They’re who saying how angry they are that Trump might just tap Romney for the second-most powerful position in the U.S. government. She said Trump supporters see this as a “betrayal,” and that they really want the position go to former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani.
All this drama seems pretty puzzling at first glance. Conway, who almost single-handedly helped turn the Trump campaign around in the 11th hour, is extremely smart and extremely calculating. And, she is no “rogue.” Trump, on the other hand, wants his supporters to see that he is reaching out to establishment conservatives like Romney in an effort to unite the Republican party. Through the years, Trump has also demonstrated through the years some penchant for getting back at his perceived enemies.
So, what happens if Trump is “convinced” by his top advisor that he would have a mutiny on his hands if he chooses Romney? It would at least appear that he had made the effort to unite the party, but the folks who put him in office simply weren’t having it. All the while, Conway continues railing on Romney as long as he thinks he’s still in the running. That is, until he’s not. Sorry Mitt. He tried.
And there you have it. An extreme political punking courtesy of Donald Trump. And the person punked? Well, he is left to consider whether that whole Trump-slamming thing was such a good idea after all.
Trump really DOES want to appoint Romney as secretary of state, despite the fact that Romney probably didn’t even vote for him., and Conway, along with all of Trump’s loyal supporters, will just have to get over it. We’ll see.