Wisconsin Couple Keeps Children in Cages

Wisconsin Couple Keeps Children in Cages
Wisconsin Couple Keeps Children in Cages

Horrifying news from Wisconsin: two degenerate parents are charged with neglecting and abusing their precious children by keeping them locked in makeshift cages. The children were also, at various points, allegedly beaten and starved. It isn’t clear who exactly reported Travis and Amy Headrick – a friend of the family or a neighbor – but the person who did so may very well have saved those children from an even more horrific fate.

Key Facts

• It appears that the Hendricks were keeping all five of their children in “makeshift cages,” at least one of which was a flexible membrane-style horse trough shaped similarly to a child’s bathtub. Even more disturbing is the fact that authorities claim the cages were zip-tied shut.
• Mother Amy Hendricks defended herself with the ridiculous notion that she could not be responsible for their safety at night – because she was sleeping. “At night when I am sleeping at 10,” she said, “I don’t know what’s going on. “I don’t want them choking each other. So I just make sure they’re safe.”
• Apparently Mrs. Hendricks has a very different definition of “safe” than the rest of us. She also went as far as to defend her actions by claiming that she isn’t “tying them up” or “beating them,” meaning her actions were fine.
• Besides the obvious issue that this “excuse” is a complete sham, it appears the Hendricks were also abusing their children in a number of other ways. Whoever initially reported them also claimed she had, at multiple points, held an infant under “scalding hot” or “icy cold” tap water when bathing them.
• Hendricks also reportedly fed the children sparsely, and generally fed them the same poorly nutritious meal every day: a bologna and cheese sandwich. She also allowed the children to hit, smack, and choke each other, another defense for the use of zip-tied cages.
• Local police have officially charged the pair with reckless endangerment, child neglect and false imprisonment. For the moment, the children have been removed from their care and they remain held on a $20,000 bond at the local jail. Police confirmed they will attend court on Sept. 6 to face the charges.