Woman Alleges Her FOIA Requests Were Ignored, Sues Biden Administration

Kamala Harris Allegedly Caught Without Oath of Office on File

(UnitedVoice.com) – On January 20, 2021, Kamala Harris stood on the inauguration stage before America and took the oath of office. She was sworn in as vice president, becoming the first woman ever to fill the role. Now, a woman is suing her and other members of President Joe Biden’s administration.

According to Standard Newswire, two attorneys, Kenneth W. Ferguson and Todd S. Callender, have allegedly filed a lawsuit on behalf of a woman named Lisa McGee. The woman claims that she filed Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain the oaths of office from a number of administration officials. The lawsuit demands they either turn over the documents or be removed from office. Should they be removed, the lawyers want all of their work voided.

The suit names Harris, Biden’s entire Cabinet, the FDA deputy commissioner, the deputy secretary of Labor, and several others. The lawsuit claims that missing Oaths of Office means members of the administration are not lawful.

Biden’s administration has not responded to the lawsuit, but the likelihood that the lawsuit will go anywhere is slim. There are videos that were taken live of nearly every person named in the lawsuit taking their oaths of office. None of the elected officials in Congress have raised concerns about this issue, including Republicans who very much want to impeach some of the Cabinet secretaries.

The allegations against Harris are not the first ones that relate to the inauguration. In the days that followed her swearing-in ceremony, rumors floated around that alleged she didn’t place her hand on the Bible while being sworn in. She actually placed her hand on two Bibles. One of them belonged to the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, and the other belonged to a family friend named Regina Shelton, whom Harris held in high regard.

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