Women and Children Massacred Near the US-Mexico Border

Women and Children Massacred near the US-Mexico Border

We have a horrible story to report — nine US citizens were murdered by a drug cartel in Mexico on Monday, November 4th.

The victims, which include three women and six children, were all traveling together in Mexico near the Sonora-Chihuahua border. Over 200 bullet casings were found around the three cars, which had been set on fire as well.

The families were traveling in a group for safety. One of the victims, Rhonita Miller, was driving with seven of her children to Arizona to pick up her husband. A 13-year-old boy helped hide seven of his siblings in bushes and then walked 14 miles to get help. Thanks to his heroic efforts, six of his siblings survived.

On Tuesday, authorities in Mexico said a suspect had been arrested. By Wednesday, that person was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Chihuahua Attorney General Cesar Peniche Espejel said of the Sinaloa drug cartel,

“They have been growing near the border with the United States and are heavily involved in trafficking of immigrants into the United States and drug-trafficking.”

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