Worldwide Talks of Sanctions and Nuclear Deals

US Pushes for Sanctions Against China

The oppressive Chinese state hasn’t adhered to the US sanctions placed on Iran. China has deliberately imported massive amounts of oil from the middle eastern country. Now, the US is considering placing sanctions on China as punishment.

According to this Tweet from Politico, China imported over a million barrels of oil last month:

US officials are still debating what course of action they believe is most effective. If there’s anything to learn from this situation it’s that Iran and China are buddying up. Both countries are poking the hornet’s nest with their blatant disregard for international agreements.

Iran “Ready to Talk” if US Removes Sanctions

At least Iran seems to be avoiding the hornet’s nest with one of their latest statements. Iran claims they’re open to communicating with the US if we lift sanctions. This “open dialogue” offer comes after weeks of the nation constantly berating Trump and claiming he’s unworthy of speaking to.

Needless to say, many US officials are skeptical, including Mike Pompeo. The president will ultimately make the final decision, which Pompeo will support. Time will if Trump decides to lift the sanctions in favor of diplomacy or search for other peaceful alternatives.

EU Isn’t Taking Iran Seriously

Most of the world prefers diplomacy over war with Iran, especially the EU. However, the EU isn’t taking Iran’s threats as seriously as it should. The result is European countries at large dragging their feet with punishing Iran for violating their end of the Nuclear Deal.

Iran is walking all over the EU, and the latter is still prioritizing “negotiation” and “preliminary talks.”

The clip below shows just how wishy-washy they are on Iran. Mainstream media even blames the US presidential administration’s political rhetoric as a key factor for Iran’s aggressiveness. When will the EU wake up to the reality of the incredibly dangerous behaviors Iran continues to engage in?

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