#WrongTrump Crosses a Shameful Line

#WrongTrump Crosses a Shameful Line

(UnitedVoice.com) – President Donald Trump’s younger brother, Robert, was admitted to a New York City hospital for several days with an undisclosed condition. He passed away on August 15.

Both members of the presumed Democratic ticket for the November elections took the high road, offering the president their condolences but, unfortunately, that’s not the path many of their followers took.

A man by the name of Bishop Talbert Swan — who was once banned from Twitter over his “hateful conduct” — was one of the first people, if not the first, to use #WrongTrump, which quickly started trending on Twitter.

Sadly, he didn’t take to the platform to offer kind words to a fellow human being who was mourning the loss of a family member as one would expect from a self-proclaimed man of God.

America needs to take note of the character of the people who would see the Democrats seize power in all levels of government.

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