WV Judge Sentences Man to Hundreds of Years In Prison

WV Judge Sentences Man to Hundreds of Years In Prison

(UnitedVoice.com) – The US justice system relies on a jury of one’s peers to sift through the facts of a case and come to a recommendation on how to punish the criminal. One Pennsylvanian man who faced trial in September was just sentenced to life in prison with no mercy after a judge and jury heard about the heinous crimes he committed.

On Monday, November 29, West Virginia Circuit Court Judge Patrick Wilson sentenced 39-year old Brian Lyon to between 139 and 185 years in prison and a fine of $10,000. This punishment was for burglary, murder, first-degree robbery, sexual assault, attempted murder, and more. The jury found him guilty of all the eight charges he faced and asked the judge to show no mercy.

Judge Wilson emphasized that Lyon’s crimes were “as heinous as any I’ve ever seen” and that the man must never walk free. Law & Crime shared more details about the case:

While Lyon did not testify at his trial, one survivor of his rampage did. According to reports, Lyon caught a ride home with Christopher Moses and shot him before raping and attempting to kill Dawn Smith, Moses’ girlfriend. Smith testified at the trial, apparently recalling facts from the harrowing night “very clearly.” This disturbing case reminds Americans to think twice before allowing someone into their home. Hopefully, this life sentence will give Smith peace of mind as she tries to move forward with her life.

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