WWII Submarine Missing for 75 Years Found

WWII Submarine Missing for 75 Years Found

On February 26, 1944, the USS Grayback was sunk by a Nakajima B5N carrier bomber with 80 sailors on board. It was announced on November 10, after being missing for 75 years, the World War II submarine was found.


The Grayback was discovered by Tim Taylor, from the Lost 52 Project, more than 1,400 feet underwater off the coast of Okinawa, Japan. The submarine originally left Pearl Harbor on January 28, 1944. It was ordered to arrive home in February of that year after attacking a Japanese convoy. When it didn’t arrive a couple of months later, it was presumed lost at the end of March.

The submarine earned eight battle stars and two Navy commendations for its service in WWII.

Taylor started the Lost 52 Project after discovering another submarine, the USS R12. He got his idea for the Lost 52 Project after finding out that 52 submarines were lost by the US during WWII.

That makes 2 down, 50 to go.

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