Yet ANOTHER Blood Pressure Medication Recall

More Blood Pressure Medications Recalled

Big Pharma is under fire yet again for another potentially life-threatening failure to ensure the safety of blood pressure drugs. Accord Healthcare Inc., who produces the drug hydrochlorothiazide, has voluntarily recalled an entire batch of 12.5 mg tablets over concerns that the bottles may actually contain spironolactone.

Key Facts

• In an unbelievably unethical and irresponsible move, it appears that Accord’s manufacturers mislabeled several hundred bottles on the factory floor. The result is that some patients may have been taking spironolactone instead of their prescribed hydrochlorothiazide.
• While both drugs are used to treat blood pressure, and both are technically diuretics, the approach and process is very different. Spironolactone suppresses testosterone in the body and is often much more potent at removing salt and water from tissues, raising the risk of serious electrolyte imbalances in sensitive patient populations.
Spironolactone also has the potential to produce other incredibly disturbing side effects, especially in men. These effects include gynecomastia (the development of large “breasts,”), problems with libido, erectile dysfunction, and feminizing feature development.
• Accord states that the problem pills belong to a very specific batch, and are easily identified by appearance. All involved pills are 12.5 mg in dose, with a light orange to peach color. The pills are round with the letter “H” on one side and a “1” on the other side.
• If your pills do not match this description, they probably aren’t involved in the recall – but you should still check with your pharmacist to be safe. Your life and safety is worth more than just assuming your pills are okay to use, especially in recent weeks with multiple recalls rolling out.
• Think your pills are involved in the recall? Get in touch with your pharmacist or speak with Accord directly at 1-855-869-1081. You can also email Accord by sending a message to [email protected]