You Have No "Right" to Bear Bullets

You Have No
You Have No "Right" to Bear Bullets

The government takes some interesting approaches to fixing the issue of gun crime. Instead of focusing where it really matters (on the criminals), they often focus on taking away the rights of everyday citizens. What’s currently happening in the Senate, where Democrats are trying to push through a bill to require background checks simply for buying bullets, certainly seems to be an extension of this misdirection.

Key Facts

• Called the Ammunition Background Check Act (ABCA), the controversial new bill was created by Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)’s house in the Senate. Specifically, it is being backed and supported by Wasserman Schultz.
• The bill’s intention is to stop people from stockpiling bullets, thereby apparently reducing the total number of available bullets. How this reduces crime and black market bullet sales is a bit of a mystery.
• When questioned about the approach to target bullets, Schultz indicated that guns were simply “hunks of useless metal” without bullets. She indicated that the bullet limitation law would effectively prevent criminals from using guns.
• Schultz considers the ability to buy ammunition, but not guns, a loophole in the gun legislation America has had for some time. She theorizes that someone could effectively stockpile ammunition until they get get their hands on a gun (legal or illegal), encouraging crime. This seems like a bit of a reach at best.
• When faced with scrutiny from Second Amendment supporters, Schultz pointed out that the Second Amendment says nothing about bullets. “You do not have the right to bear bullets.” Others have pointed out the fact that lawmakers probably didn’t intend for people to have access to guns without access to ammunition at the same time.
• The ABCA is almost uniformly supported by Democratic leaders (and essentially no one else in the senate). However, because it is being backed by a total of 36 leaders, there is a significant chance it may go through.