You Might Be a Covidiot If…

You Might be a Covidiot If...

( – Some wag did what they normally do during a time of crisis and coined a new word: covidiot. In other words, people who are too selfish or downright stupid when it comes to dealing with COVID-19. Sadly, there’ve been too many instances of this since the virus hit the American shores causing some officials to close beaches, parks, and hiking trails.

Here are just a few prime examples.

Cities around Tampa Bay, Florida were forced to close several public beaches. Drone footage captured a packed beach even after social distancing guidelines were put into effect.

In both Missouri and Virginia, covidiots took their lack of care and respect for their fellow human being to a whole new level. These jokers thought it would be “funny” to take videos of themselves coughing on or near customers and licking grocery store produce. In the Show-Me State at least, authorities weren’t laughing and have charged the man with making terrorist threats.

In Philadelphia, some people are taking Lionel Ritchie’s “All Night Long” a bit too literally. In one instance, a large group rented an Airbnb and partied until daybreak, and police said they’re aware of “several others.” To compound matters, the revelers decided to use at least one neighbor’s front porch as an overflow spot.

Panicking during the pandemic by hoarding supplies (Toilet paper? C’mon people!) will only make matters worse. However, ignoring reasonable practices for a pathogen that has a mortality rate more than 30 times that of influenza outbreaks is nothing but sheer stupidity.

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