You Won’t Believe These Little-Known Celebrity Facts

( – Fun fact: the celebrities most of us know and love just so happen to be regular human beings, too. While that does mean they require food, water, and sleep just like the rest of us, each is also just as prone to being weird and wonderful in their own unique way. These bizarre celebrity facts make that impossible to deny.

  • Martha Stewart wasn’t always the world’s best-known domestic goddess. The beautiful baking expert got her start as a fashion model in the 1960s. She reportedly pulled in nearly $50/hour for most projects. That hefty sum translates out to around $500 today.
  • Kanye West wasn’t always a lyrical genius known for getting deeply involved in the political playing field. In fact, his first foray into the world of work began at a clothing store called The Gap. The American rapper credits the clothing outlet for inspiring his love of fashion.
  • Madonna worked for Dunkin’ Donuts in 1977. She claims the company fired her over performance issues and for messing with their jelly machine. She later moved on to serve at the Russian Tea Room, which fired her for wearing revealing clothing.
  • Steve Buscemi was once an everyday neighborhood hero. He served as a firefighter on New York’s Engine Company No. 55 for four years in the early 1980s. In the days following 9/11 in 2001, he stepped back into that heroic role to do his part.
  • Tom Cruise wasn’t always set to become an actor. He actually went to seminary school first with the reported goal of becoming a Roman Catholic priest. The actor later turned away from the church and became deeply involved in Scientology.
  • An odd number of actors have permanent finger injuries. Matthew Perry lost the tip of his middle finger (there’s a good joke in there somewhere) when he slammed it in a car door. Vince Vaughn lost the end of his thumb to a car crash. James Doohan (Scotty from the original Star Trek) lost his fighting on D-Day at Juno Beach.

From lost fingers to impressive pre-fame resumes, these strange facts make one thing blindingly clear: celebrities almost always have just as many odd skeletons hiding in the closet as we do. Honorable mentions go to Paris Hilton’s frog-hunting hobby, Mike Tyson’s love of pigeons, and Claudia Schiffer’s impressive insect collection.

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