Young Mother Caught Trying to Have 3-year-old Son Murdered

Young Mother Caught Trying to Have 3-year-old Son Murdered

( – It’s always shocking when a parent tries to murder their own child. Most domestic violence happens in the heat of the moment, and that’s bad enough. One Florida mother has shocked investigators with her cold-bloodedness, though. The woman tried to hire a hitman to kill her son — who’s just three years old. However, she made another crucial mistake; she looked for an assassin on a parody website.

On July 18, Miami-Dade County police arrested 18-year-old Miami woman Jazmin Paez on charges of soliciting murder and unlawful use of a communications device. Shockingly, the murder she was soliciting was that of her three-year-old son. Fortunately for the boy, Paez didn’t have any contacts in organized crime or links to professional assassins — so she went on the internet and filled in a form on

Yes, there’s a website called, but you can’t actually hire a killer there. The site’s owner, Robert Innes, says it was initially set up for a cybersecurity company; now he runs it as a parody, and it’s a fairly obvious one. The site claims it’s regulated by the 1964 Hitman Information and Privacy Protection Act — which obviously doesn’t exist — and features testimonies from satisfied clients. “Laura S, Arizona,” says she “caught [her] husband cheating with the babysitter,” but after contacting RENT-A-HITMAN she’s single again. Fernando M thanked the company for dealing with his disgruntled employee while he was on vacation. With recommendations like this, and a generous offer of group discounts, it’s no wonder the site claims to have won the “2018-2021 Trigger Warning Award.“

It seems Paez didn’t spot that the site is a parody, because she filled in the service request form and asked for someone to kill her son by the end of the week. Innes told reporters he’s had hundreds of people fill in the form, but the request was alarmingly detailed this time. Paez sent exact details of where her son would be and helpfully attached photos of him to help the hitman identify his target. Innes did a search to verify names and addresses — then called the Miami-Dade Police Department.

Or, at least, he tried to. The first three times he called, cops referred him to CrimeStoppers. When he called CrimeStoppers, they threatened him with a cease and desist letter, so he tried the cops again — and this time, they assigned a detective. Police carried out their own checks to verify the IP address, and when Innes’s information checked out, they arrested Paez. She’s now been bailed for $15,000 and ordered to stay away from her son, who is safe with relatives.

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