Your Gun Rights Are Now in the Hands of Relative Strangers

Your Gun Rights Are Now in the Hands of Relative Strangers

Forget about no longer being able to do anything as innocent as complimenting a co-worker’s new hairstyle or outfit and dealing with a harassment lawsuit. Things have gotten much more serious than that. Soon, the thought police will be putting an end to your 2A rights whether you deserve them or not.

Bill AB61 was recently signed into action, expanding on California’s already extreme gun laws. Currently, family members and police can already accuse you of being a danger and file to have your 2A rights temporarily revoked. AB61 expands that ability to co-workers, educators, and employers.

The requirements are pretty vague, but people can take action soon as the petition is filed. Let’s say you took a summer class at a university. Once the class was over, you had an argument with someone who now has the same professor you had in your summer class. Should your fellow student hint that they think you are dangerous and your former professor picks up on it, they have the ability to file a petition to take your guns. It doesn’t even matter that you haven’t seen them in months, because the requirement is only that they have instructed you within the past six months.

And that’s just one brief example.

Even worse, that petition could result in you being gun-free for up to five years, then that same petition can be renewed again. You can always ask for it to end early, but we’ll let you make your own assumptions about the likelihood of you winning that particular fight.

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