Your Mobile Phone Just Got a Lot Scarier

Your Mobile Phone Just Got a Lot Scarier
Your Mobile Phone Just Got a Lot Scarier

Bad news for mobile phone users. Researchers have released initial findings from a comprehensive federal study finding that radio-frequency (RF) radiation emitted by wireless phones can lead to cancer. Sure, some studies have also found no effects, but most of these were industry-funded, which tends to render the results less reliable.
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Researchers also linked wireless phones and other similar gadgets can potentially cause a variety of health risks ranging from headaches to brain tumors, especially with younger children.
The National Toxicology Program (NTP) conducted a two and a half year, $25 million study showing the effects of RF radiation on male rats. Exposed male rats developed a type of brain cancer called glioma and also had a higher chance of developing a virulent tumor known as schwannoma of the heart. Female rats did not have the same reaction.

“The radiation levels the rats received were similar to what humans are exposed when using cell phones.” ~ Chris Portier, former associate director of the NTP

Researchers found that as the radiation increased, so did the occurrence of cancer in rats. Although ionizing radiation, which includes gamma rays and X-rays, is widely accepted as a carcinogen, the wireless industry has long noted that there is no known mechanism by which RF radiation causes cancer.
The highest radiation level was five to seven times as strong as what humans typically receive while using a phone.

While many exercise caution when using cell phones like using speakerphone or text messaging instead of holding the phone up to their ear, most people still refuse to believe the risks of RF radiation are real.
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