Youth Football Coach Opens Fire on Fellow Coach During Practice

Youth Football Coach Opens Fire on Fellow Coach During Practice

Shooting at Football Practice – Coach Responsible!

( – Youth sports are supposed to be a place where kids can learn how to work as a team, resolve conflicts, and stay out of trouble. It turns out a coach of a football team in Pennsylvania should have learned some of those lessons himself.

On April 22, a group of men got into an argument in some football field stands near Temple University in Philadelphia. On the field were 7-year-old children having a recreational football practice and the St. Joseph’s Prep’s high school lacrosse team. Video of the incident shows the argument between the men get increasingly more hostile as it drags on and then suddenly, one of them pulls out a gun and begins firing.

WARNING: The following video might contain footage some find disturbing.

The Philadelphia Police Department has identified the shooter as the coach of a youth football team. Officers are currently looking for him. Two of the men who were in the stands were shot; one was hit in the back and the other in the right hand. They were taken to the hospital and were listed in stable condition after the incident.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner told CBS3 that the shooting was “extremely disturbing.” A coach with the youth football team that was practicing said the children are being comforted, but unfortunately, they’re used to violence. St. Joseph’s Prep has suspended practices on that field moving forward.

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