YouTube Announces It Will Remove Video Claiming Election Fraud

YouTube Announces It Will Remove Video Claiming Election Fraud

( – In December, YouTube announced it would begin removing content that called the presidential election into question. The company said it was trying to combat “misinformation.” Now, the social media giant is taking it a step further.

On January 7, YouTube announced it was going to start giving channels strikes for posting content questioning the election results. The company blamed the unrest on Capitol Hill the day before as the catalyst. The company will remove channels that receive three strikes within 90 days from its platform.

This is yet another example of social media companies censoring content from Conservatives and others who have opinions they may not agree with. Although it isn’t technically a violation of the First Amendment because YouTube is a private company, not the government, it’s definitely a violation of what’s right.

These platforms have become America’s new “town square,” and when Big Tech executives silence voices unevenly, they should face punishment. That’s why it’s so important to repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and limit the protections these companies are afforded.

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