YouTube Horror Content Marked “for Kids”

YouTube Horror Content Marked

YouTube Caught Red Handed – Horrific Details Released

( – YouTube has frequently come under fire over the last few years for censoring content. The platform often takes down videos from conservative creators and has completely kicked them off the site. Yet, the platform has no problem allowing kids to view questionable content.

According to a report, YouTube’s moderation process recently flagged horror videos as content “for kids.” As a result, the platform isn’t allowing content creators to change the rating of the videos to make them only viewable to adults ages 18 and up. However, when the platform rates content for children, it includes it in the YouTube Kids app, which is only supposed to feature family-friendly content compliant with the US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

YouTuber Kris Straub posted screenshots on Twitter showing how the platform rated his adult-only content as a “show for children” even though he had it set as content inappropriate for them. He explained he can’t change the designation without appealing to the platform now, which means his content will be available for young kids to watch in the meantime.

In follow-up tweets, Straub expressed concern that YouTube would permanently ban his content because of its own mistake.

Do you think YouTube should stop censoring political voices and step up to protect kids? Or should parents take action themselves?

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