‘Zoom Bombers’ Disrupt School Board Meeting in Washington

Zoom Bombers' disrupt school board meeting in Washington

(UnitedVoice.com) – When more people began working remotely at the beginning of the pandemic, companies like Zoom and Skype became more popular as meetings went virtual. However, with this increased use of technology use came “zoom bombing,” where people interrupt the video session with disturbing images, videos, or words. The latest instance of this just occurred in Enumclaw, Washington.

On Wednesday, November 22, the black superintendent of the Enumclaw school district was leading a Zoom meeting when one attendee with a photo of George Floyd as his screensaver began playing a track of racial slurs on loop. Administrators quickly kicked out the attendee, but an older white man then unmuted his own microphone and played the same recording.

The Daily Beast shared more about this racist event:

The local school board quickly addressed the situation, calling the harassment “acts of hate” that have “no home here.” Town residents were deeply disturbed that at least two people worked together to coordinate this racist disruption. However, as Americans continue to use Zoom and similar applications to hold meetings, events like this could continue and even get more prevalent in months to come.

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