Zuckerberg Says No New Facebook Ads Before Election

Zuckerberg Says No New Facebook Ads Before Election

(UnitedVoice.com) – Since 2016, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been beaten up by both Conservatives and Liberals for how they handled the last presidential election. Liberals are upset that Russia used disinformation campaigns on the platforms to influence the outcome of the election. Conservatives are upset that Facebook disproportionately censors their content and not Liberals’. Now the social media giant says they have a solution.

On Thursday, September 3, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the tech giant will ban new political ads one week before the election and remove any posts that try to discourage or suppress voting. However, in some states, voting starts as early as mid-September. Additionally, he said the platform will be adding measures to prevent the campaigns and supporters from claiming victory too soon.

Adding to the political drama, the 2020 election is likely to be like no other. Mail-in voting could create a nightmare scenario in several states. Some in the media claim the president is likely to win big on election day as Republicans head to the polls in large numbers. However, the conclusion of the election won’t be announced until all the mail-in votes are counted, and that can take weeks or perhaps even months. If Democrats vote primarily through the mail, some theorize that Biden could win by the time all the votes are counted.

Of course, that’s conjecture and possibly even media bias.

Stay tuned. This story is just warming up as the campaigns really kick-off after the Labor Day weekend.

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