Stay Informed, Independent & Self Reliant

Stay Informed, Independent & Self Reliant


Subway’s (Fake) Chicken DNA Test Results

Subway’s (Fake) Chicken DNA Test Results

No one is going to say that fast food offers the healthiest choices, period. But, after SUBWAY promotions that focused heavily on “fresh food,”...

Trump Takes A Dive in Legal Bouts for GOP

President Donald J. Trump didn’t become a billionaire real estate mogul without a few legal fights along the way. In fact, Trump has reportedly...
Obamacare Replacement Begins

Finally! Obamacare Replacement Begins

Republicans have been chaffing about it since April 9, 2009, when formerly Republican Senator Arlen Specter (Pa.) defected to the Democratic Party. His intention...


Deregulation Means Big Changes for Americans

Deregulation Means Big Changes for Americans

Deregulation is happening right now, and while it means lots of changes for certain industries, it could also lead to a financial impact or...

World Faces Greatest Nuclear Threat in History

The end of World War II spurred a Cold War between the United States and the then-Soviet Union that began the massing of nuclear...

Trade Wars: A Win for the U.S.

The Unites States and the United Kingdom may have the most interesting trade relationship and history of any countries on the planet. Every time...

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How Trump’s Changes Can Lower Taxes

How Trump’s Changes Can Lower Taxes

There’s not a business on this planet that would agree to saying that more taxes are a good thing for business. It simply doesn’t...
Trump Vows to Repeal 4 Bad Gun Laws

Trump Vows to Repeal 4 Bad Gun Laws

The second amendment states, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep...

How the Supreme Court Impacts Our Daily Lives

Sometimes it’s really hard to “get” the importance of the Supreme Court. Nine justices are supposed to interpret the law impartially without interjecting their...

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Dating Over 50

Dating at any age can be a challenge, but dating over the age of 50 means you are already settled into your habits and...

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