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Self Reliance






What is United Voice?

UnitedVoice.com brings you the day’s news, views and content for critical thinking to help keep you informed, independent and self-reliant.

We intend to bring you the some of the most important articles of the day, interesting perspectives and stimulate independent critical thinking around the issues that matter.

Consider a government policy or law that’s so complicated that only the writers can understand it. The rest of us are fed sound bites and expected to accept the media’s assessment.

Thinking critically about the law or policy exposes the true or hidden issues when we use our skills to analyze and assess the policy to the point of determining who and what it impacts. Taking the time and effort to think critically requires a significant investment in time and effort, but brings self-reliance which can be very rewarding.

UnitedVoice will attempt to cut through the noise, summarize key concerns, and present alternative viewpoints along with independent commentary and reader comments.

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